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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Technology Integration, Somewhat Simplified

If you're curious to see what an organized approach to integrating technology might look like, search no more. The awesome Arizona Technology Integration Matrix comes via a link shared by Kevin Jarrett on the Diigo Educators group.

Kevin explains that this resource is "Arizona's answer to Florida's outstanding tool of the same name. If you are interested in seeing what technology infused teaching looks like at a variety of integration and curricular levels, you will love this resource. Highly recommended."

Couldn't agree more. Go check it out. The introduction at the site tells you all you need to know. Compare it with the Florida Technology Integration Matrix; seems like Arizona simplified things a bit. (The screenshot below shows one row expanded; the grade level links lead to lessons and video segments of those lessons).


Audrey said...

Wow this is very interesting. Technology is a great tool for learning as it is becoming a necessity in our lives.

Kevin Jarrett said...

Thanks Keith! I think the matrix provides a starting point for conversations around what makes a good lesson, and, what's possible in a particular school given the prevailing infrastructure and teacher's comfort with technology! -kj-

Craig Duplessie said...

Looks like they relied heavily on the Apple Classrooms of Tomorrow Research project that was published in 1995. The study described a five stage evolution in integrating technology into classrooms: entry, adoption, adaptation, appropriation, and invention.

Keith Schoch said...

Wow, Craig, if that's true, then I hope that the first person to "borrow" from Apple gave them some credit for naming those five stages. I'm sure as time went on and the project was "borrowed" again and again, few people recalled where it originally came from. Thanks for pointing this out! Does anyone know if Apple created something similar, matrix-wise?

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