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Monday, January 3, 2011

New Prompts from Make Beliefs Comix!

Via the awesome Making Curriculum Pop ning, I learned that William Zimmerman has released 100+ free printables on his online comic strip site, MakeBeliefsComix. Some of you who have attended my workshops know I'm a big fan of the site, which I've included in my collection of Interactive Writing Sites.

Regarding the resources, Zimmerman says

As an author of interactive books to help young people find their writers' voices, I often am asked by educators and parents for help in reaching reluctant writers.

With this goal in mind, I have added more than 100 free PRINTABLES on my online comic strip site, Now you can print out, at no cost, interactive pages from my comic books to use for writing, reading, drawing and telling stories.

This enhanced MakeBeliefs PRINTABLES feature is the latest addition to the four year-old online educational comics site where educators and students from 180 countries come to build their own comic strips and practice language, writing and reading skills. The new printable pages are taken from my popular Make Beliefs books and drawn by cartoonist Tom Bloom, who illustrated the best-selling Children's Letters to God.

Now, a teacher using the web site will be able to distribute graphic handouts to students in English-as-a-Second Language or literacy programs that ask for written or drawn responses to such imaginative questions as:
  • Make believe you possessed a magic flying carpet. Where would your travels take you?
  • Make believe you had a net to catch a favorite moment in your life. Which would it be?
  • Imagine you could talk to your favorite book character. Who would that be? What would you say?
  • Make believe that with the snap of your fingers you could change yourself. Who or what would you become?
  • Make believe you could create your own set of holidays. What would they celebrate?
These and other great resources are yours for the taking! Thanks again to Ryan Goble at Making Curriculum Pop ning for passing this along!


Elizabeth Jansen van Vuuren said...

Perfect beginning of the year gift - THANK YOU! I think I'll keep a file of these in class for kids to use if finished with their work - they could stick the results in their journal or put it in a file/on a display board for sharing.

Keith Schoch said...

That's a terrific idea, Elizabeth! A great management tool for you and a nice motivator for them. I love when a plan comes together! Happy New Year!

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