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Saturday, May 23, 2009

ReSnooze: Another Way to Organize Your Life

I know there are many methods to remind yourself of events and deadlines but Resnooze seems like a cool way to take some of that burden off of you. Resnooze is an online app that will regularly remind you of dates to remember, at whatever frequency you choose.

For example, I might use Resnooze to schedule
  • regular parent contacts
  • distributed assessments and writing samples
  • visits to websites which are updated, but not as frequently as blogs
  • interim reports and end-of-marking-period grades
  • regular family events (doctor and dentist visits, pet meds, etc.)
Demo Girl (I guess she's a really hip, digital-age superhero) provides a nice synopsis of this application (if the embedded video below doesn't run, click here).


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