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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Organizing Thinking

Often in our attempts to do what is best for students, we often forget to simply help them do what is best for themselves. Graphic organizers are an effective tool that allow students to think for themselves, or to organize information when reading novels or texts.

I know, graphic organizers are nothing new. But take a look at what else is out there. There's certainly more than Venn diagrams and Cornell notes. A great first place to look is where you'll find over fifty organizers in pdf format.

From that site:

Why do they work?
Random facts are quickly lost. However, the brain's ability to store pictures is unlimited. And since the brain likes to chunk information, the graphic organizer complements the way the brain naturally works.

When do they work?
Graphic organizers will be beneficial to students whenever they are given new information. They can be used to sequence, brainstorm and organize. During reading and listening students should be encouraged to graphically organize new information.

Need a few more? I doubt it, but here are a few that I've used as well.

ABC's of the Writing Process Links to many graphic organizers.

Enchanted Learning Organizers Printable hand-outs.

Free Printable Graphic Organizers Frequently updated list of organizers.

Graphic Organizer Creator Create timelines, concept webs, Venns, and more for free at this site.
Graphic Organizers HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Extensive excellent list from Region 15 school district in Connecticut.

Graphic Organizers (Links) Links to many types of organizers.

Graphic Organizers for Kids Kid friendly.

Graphic Orgs for Literacy Graphic Organizers for Literature

LATCH Organization LATCH acronym stands for 5 ways to organize ideas.

MOSAIC Listserve Awesome list of organizers in pdf or Word format.

Skills Continuum Different organizers with guiding Qs.

Various GOs Listed by category.

Venn Diagram Interactive Create a Venn Diagram online.

WriteDesign On-Line Some graphic organizers with reasons for using.


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