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Friday, December 25, 2009

Visual Bookmarking Using Sqworl

If you're looking to share multiple links, you can always email a list of hyperlinks; however, that looks kind of crowded and lacks a visual element. You can also post those links on a website, provided you have one. But with Sqworl you can instantly create a one-page site which visually presents a snapshot of all chosen sites at a glance.

How could this be used in the classroom? Teachers can create a quick set of links for student reference or for use as a webquest. Students themselves can import web sites as they conduct research online. You could also use this application to create a personalized homepage (similar to Pageflakes), featuring those sites which you regularly visit for updates.

The video below shows how the site works, and may give you some ideas for its use.

Sqworl Screencast from Caleb Brown on Vimeo.


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